“As Soon As They Like You, Make ‘Em Unlike You”




Kanye West. Just the mention of his name brings about mixed emotions. Many hate him for his very public arrogance and some (such as myself) see him as a creative genius.

In one of the songs on this egocentric artist’s newest album aptly named “I Am A God”, he raps the line: “As soon as they like you, make ’em unlike you.” Who would say something like that? Why wouldn’t you want to be liked?

Strangely, it made me think of Christianity. You could have the dopest, deepest conversations with someone. You could go for days on end about everything from good weave to bad breath, from hot wings to cold lightskins, from MacBooks to mac ‘n cheese. But the second you say something about Jesus, something changes. They become a little uncomfortable. They look at you a little different. Your conversations become a little less frequent because you just can’t stop mentioning Jesus’s name.

You have one of two choices at this point: 

1. Stop talking about Jesus so they’ll like you again, or

2. Take Kanye West’s advice and “make ’em unlike you”.

Now I’m not saying to make everyone not like you, and I’m not saying everyone will stop liking you if you talk about Jesus. I’m saying, don’t hesitate to talk about Christ and what He’s done for you just because it’ll make someone a little uncomfortable. It’s supposed to make them uncomfortable. 

People will say you’re judging them, but it’s not your judgement that’s making them uncomfortable, it’s God’s judgement. (Now if you’re judging people I recommend you ask God to help you stop. Judge not lest ye be judged.) That’s what we fear most. God’s judgement. It makes people uncomfortable with how they’re living for fear they may actually be living (gasp) wrong. 

And I’m not saying I (or other Christians for that matter) are living right, but when you’re living with God at the head of your life, you don’t have to worry about living “right” because you’ll realize there’s only one way to live, and that’s through Him.

So when you see someone’s attitude toward you change at your mention of Jesus, or God, or the Holy Spirit, don’t fret. When Jesus fed the 5,000 people, they were absolutely infatuated with him. I mean, if Jesus gives me free fish? That’s fam foreal. But when He began speaking that He was the “bread of life” and whoever “eats his flesh” and “drinks his blood” will have “eternal life”, something changed. He was no longer taking them on lunch dates to Panera, but on trips to a strange land full of metaphors of spiritual cannibalism. 

As soon as they liked him, He made them unlike Him.

Don’t stop talking about Jesus just because people may not like it. If it’s in their hearts to receive Him, it will happen. If it’s not, they will simply continue on with their lives. 

Either way, God will be just as pleased with you. Maybe not as much for heeding the advice of Kanye West, but I think you get the point.


White Castle and Christianity

If you know me at all, you know that I love White Castle. Say what you want, I have no problem slidin’ dem sliders in my mouf.


That might have been a little much, but the point is, I’ve been eating at White Castle basically my whole life. When you apply for a job there, they conduct what’s called a “Real Interview”. That means they don’t hide what sucks about working there. They tell you that your job duties might include cleaning filthy restrooms, sweeping inside and outside the premises, or even burning your hand or arm attempting to cook burgers. So why do they do this? They do this to weed out those who can’t handle the troubles of the job, those who say they want to work at White Castle but don’t really have what it takes.


For those that are able to accept the bad parts of the job, though, White Castle is known for its excellent work environment, premium pay, and promising opportunity to move up in the company. If you can persevere through the bad, the rewards are bountiful.
Not too long ago, I was thinking to myself how I could convince people to become Christians. What could I say to make Christianity seem awesome so that more people would become followers of Christ? Well there’s a reason I couldn’t think of anything.


You can’t draw someone to Christianity by talking about the “positives”, because on the outside-looking-in, Christianity kinda sucks. Jesus said we’d be hated by the world (John 15:19) and persecuted (John 15:21). If this were an interview, at this point, many of you would probably thank the interviewer for their time and Nae Nae right out the door.


While it looks like Christianity is a bunch of unnecessary trouble, Jesus also said it would be worth it. He said that whatever you wish “will be done for you” (John 15:7) and promised us eternal life (1 John 2:25).


So I stopped trying to make following Christ seem as cool as possible. I stopped trying to make it seem easy. Just as White Castle knows that they want people who will put up with the bad and undesirable in order to experience the rewards of being a part of their team, God only wants people who are aware that their life may actually get worse once choosing to follow Christ, because He knows those are the people that deserve the rewards He’s promised us.


We’ve gotta stop trying to hide the reality of being a Christian. Those who see the “bad” over the good will go another way, but those who see His rewards over the struggle it takes to receive them, will gain the eternity God’s promised.

Christians (and everyone else) Are Too Comfortable



My Christianity has been too comfortable.


I tweet out a “Thank you Lord for another day!” tweet every now and then and I go to church 3 out of 4 Sundays of the month and I pray when I feel like it or when I absolutely need it and I’m…comfortable.


I’m reading a book called Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman and it draws out the differences between being a “fan” of Christ and being a “follower”. And the truth is, many “Christians”, including myself, are not actually Christians. Being a Christian means being a follower of Christ, and we’re guilty of simply being fans. We’re more than willing to claim being a Christian just enough to get us into heaven. We’re willing to pray enough just so God will give us what we want. And we’re willing to go to church enough just to “feel good” about our week that’s coming up.


But nobody’s actually following Christ. Following Christ means leaving your comfort zone, it means accepting that people may not like you or that life may actually *gasp* get harder for you.


The truth is, when Judgement Day comes, God will look at many of us and say “I never knew you” [Matthew 7:21-23]. Wouldn’t that be tragic? For you to go to church Sunday after Sunday, say that same prayer before every meal, and “try your best to be a good person” all of your life only to get to heaven and God tell you He never knew you? That would be devastating.


It’s simply because with this New Age Christianity, we use God for the benefits but shy away from becoming too close to Him for fear our comfortable lives that we’ve worked so hard to stabilize might change.


Now I’m only about a third of the way through the book but it’s already changed my outlook on my life. Already, the things that used to trouble my spirit are beginning to fade away.


“Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” [Matthew 6:33]


Spiritual Fulfillment. Inner Peace. Unconditional Love. The attainment of all of each these begin with seeking God. And all these things shall be added to you.


I’ve already too much of my time being a fan of Christ. I’ve grown too comfortable keeping God from changing my life. There’s no substance in living for myself or for some girlfriend or for my mom (Love you though, Mom). God is the only one to provide true spiritual fulfillment. And this spiritual fulfillment can only be reached when I can stop being so comfortable being a fan of Christ. It’s time for me to become a true, unashamed follower.


Thank ya’ Lawd.

What Kind of Tweeter are You?

Everyone has a Twitter these days. They’re this generation’s journals full of 140 character entries. It’s therapeutic. It’s beautiful, and everyone has they’re own style of it.


Your tweeting habits are extensions of your self, like tattoos, or poetry. Your tweeting habits say more about you than your Twitter bio ever could. So how do you tweet?


There are 7 main types of Tweeters in this world:


The Spam Tweeter
5% of Twitter users accounts are used for spam; used for you to check out this “secret dieting tip that somehow only they know found on some sketchy website run by people who just want to take over your computer”. Ignore at all costs. And don’t be dumb enough to get your Twitter hacked. If you are, you really didn’t deserve a Twitter in the first place.


The “I Forgot My Password” Tweeter
These are the people who’s last tweet was a general statement last December about something even they don’t care about. These are the people whose followers are the same 39 people that they follow. These tweeters could potentially forget their Twitter password because it means that little to them. Don’t follow them back. You’ll never see their tweets.


The “I Just Don’t Understand” Tweeter

These Tweeters are the bane of Twitter’s existence. These people tweet about nothing other than how awful their life is; about how no one understands them; about how they just don’t understand how someone could do that to them (they never actually say what the “that” is though). Like are they ever happy? I can’t seem to find it in myself to follow these people. I don’t have time to be reading that emotional nonsense on my TL. There are trained professionals that can help you with that. Please consult one.


The “God is Good” Tweeter
God is good, all the time. And they never let you go a day without reading it. I, myself, am guilty of being this kind of tweeter. (But come on now, God is good, and He is good all the time). Their tweets may consist of Blessed to be alive another day! #Godisgood. Don’t be afraid to follow these people. It’s good to have a little spiritual goodness on ‘cha TL.


The “No Days Off” Tweeter

I enjoy being motivated as much as the next black kid with a white name, but these tweeters take it to another level. They’re always tweeting out motivational cliche’s such as Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard! #Grind #NoDaysOff , to express just how hard they’re working on whatever they’re doing. I’ve actually been guilty of this type of tweeting as well. For some reason, if others know how hard you say you’re working, you’ll work harder to actually work that hard.


The Sub-Tweeter
Whether it’s about an “ex” who wronged them or an inside joke between friends (I’m talking to you ladies), this person Twitter is a nonstop sub-tweet fest. Their tweets may look something along the lines of Ha! Glad to see you downgraded to that *crying emoji* *crying emoji* , or Lolol she parked in a handicapped spot *laughing emoji* followed by a favorite, retweet, and *crying emoji* response from every person involved. Do that foolishness in a group message or something. Because 1. Nobody knows what you’re talking about, and 2. Nobody cares fam.


The “I’m Thristy for a Re-Tweet”er
I hate these people. They tweet the most generalized pieces of advice of statements that everyone and their mom could relate to just to get a retweet. It’s sickening. Their tweets may go along the lines of a picture of an elderly man buying his wife of years flowers every Monday with the caption “Real men do this >>>>>>>” (Please note the excessive use of the “greater than” sign). These people need to crawl into a hole. These people need to go stare into the sun. Don’t do it for the retweets. That’s some fu-fu lame stuff. And I ain’t wit’ it.


So what kind of Tweeter are you? Did I forget any types? Comment below what kind of tweeter you are (or if you know someone who fits one or more of these descriptions).


Keep your tweets genuine, and together, we can keep Twitter a beautiful place.