My Life and Pandora Radio

I’m a music lover.

I truly can feel the presence of God when listening to David Nevue Radio or a Hillsong United Youtube Playlist. I can prepare my mind for a early morning practice or 8 am class with a bit of Colbie Caillat Radio. I can study and complete homework with Norah Jones Radio. And every day I’m listening to an album from Jon Bellion.

Music has the ability to shape your thinking about life. Music has the ability to change to color of your spirit’s auras that resonate from you. Music is a part of what makes you, you.

I’m a believer that your stations on Pandora say more about you than you could ever say. Here’s what a few of mine say about me:

2000s Pop Radio
Well, this one’s a new addition, but when my Taylor U friends and I went to TJ Maxx last week, this is what they requested. I insisted that we listen to something a bit better, but in the end, I gave in. This station says that I’m a bit accommodating.

Kid Cudi Radio
If you love music, you love Kid Cudi. Not because of his life-changing lyrics, but because of his self-proclaimed different style of music. His music sends your mind into the cosmos, even for just a few minutes. This station says that I enjoy taking a temporary mental trip to outer space (without the use of psychedelic drugs).

Drake Radio
Say what you want, Drake is leading in hip-hop right now. I know about 95% of every lyric to every Drake song ever made. What can I say, I’m a lightskin.

Colbie Caillat Radio
This is about to sound pretty un-manly on my part, but have you ever listened to Colbie Caillat Radio? Her songs make you believe that true love is possible. Their upbeat tempo and acoustic melody make me want to go out and find my soulmate right then and there. Isn’t that what everyone wants? This station says that I’m a bit soft when it comes to the idea of true love.

David Nevue Radio
This is without-a-doubt my favorite Pandora station. If you’ve never heard of David Nevue, he plays older hymns and worship songs on the piano. No lyrics. No words. Just music. My roommate and I have begun falling asleep to this station every night. There’s just something about worships songs being played just right that hits a chord deep in your soul. This is when I feel God’s presence. This is when my prayer comes the easiest. Therefore, this station says that I love to worship.

Do you love music? What do your Pandora Stations say about you?

Feel free to comment your Pandora Stations below!